Learn how to safely and quickly reduce symptoms and flare-ups in your autoimmune clients.

Boost Your Understanding
Dive deep into the FIVE ROOT CAUSES OF AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE and be in the BEST position to help your clients and patients.
Improve Your Results
Empower yourself with the right MINDSET and the right TOOLS to get more consistent and predicable results when dealing with autoimmune disorders.
Increase Your Confidence
Speak and work more confidently when you are dealing with clients and patients who are dealing with autoimmune disorders.

Stop worrying when someone comes to you with an autoimmune disorder.

The Autoimmune Masterclass is based on the real-life practice results with hundreds of patients and is designed to help you to get predictable and consistent results.

If you have worked with autoimmune disease in your practice, you’ll know that things can get very complicated – very quickly. This is usually because of a few common mistakes practitioners make:

Practitioners tend to focus on treating the symptoms instead of getting to the root causes. (I get it – your clients want symptomatic relief NOW…not tomorrow or next week)

They spend most of their time trying to “diagnose” the disease and end up treating the disease instead of the person.

They have no plan or “roadmap” and chase symptoms around as they ebb and flow.

This inevitably results in you, the practitioner, spending unnecessary hours playing the guessing game while your clients and patients slowly get more discouraged and frustrated.

It also results in sleepless nights, burnout and a lot of pressure to “get it right” (which I’m sure is not what you envisioned when you got into clinical practice).

Now, if you’re anything like me, I know that you only want the best for your clients.

I’m sure you’re putting in the effort, going above and beyond, taking as much time as you need to do the research and putting comprehensive protocols together.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get better, consistent, predictable results and spend less time doing all the exhaustive work in the background?

If you answered “yes”, keep reading…

Let’s not kid ourselves, autoimmune disease is complex, but here’s the thing that most practitioners don’t realize: ALL autoimmune diseases share common root causes.

That’s right.

Whether it’s Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease or MS… there are typically 5 root causes that drive almost all autoimmune issues. (more on this below)

So the real question is, why is no one speaking about this and teaching practitioners how to fix the root causes instead of treating the disease/s and symptoms?

The truth is that helping people improve their autoimmune health shouldn’t be that complicated.

And it’s not…

How do I know?

Because I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years using a combination of holistic nutrition, functional medicine and mind-body techniques.

By focusing on the 5 root causes of almost all autoimmune diseases, I have been able to help my clients reduce their symptoms and flare-ups by up to 80% – effectively putting them into remission.

And this is how I would like to help you today.

By sharing everything I know about autoimmune disease so that you too can get better results, happier clients and a busy practice doing what you love.

Here’s a big part of what you’ll learn in my exclusive practitioner masterclass…


Functional Nutrition Approaches to Managing and Reversing Autoimmune Disease in Your Practice

This 1-day intensive training integrates 17 years of clinical experience, the latest research, and tried and tested therapeutic interventions that have helped 100’s of my clients radically transform their autoimmune health.

I will be breaking this all down into simple, actionable steps that you can start using in your practice immediately – whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started in clinical practice.

The core focus will be on the 5 main root causes of almost all autoimmune diseases:

  1. Diet
  2. Stress and trauma
  3. Gut health – leaky gut, poor digestion
  4. Chronic infections
  5. Inflammation (this is both a cause and a symptom)

By the end of this workshop you will be able to confidently help your autoimmune clients, regardless of what type of autoimmune disease they have.

Here’s what you can expect from this workshop:

  • Autoimmune food lists and meal plan
  • Dietary triggers – what foods to avoid and why
  • Stress and trauma – simple techniques and tools to transform these crucial pieces of the autoimmune puzzle
  • The gut-brain connection to autoimmune disease
  • Gut health – focus on optimizing digestive function
  • Tools for strengthening intestinal immunity
  • Immune modulators and how to work with them in a clinical setting
  • Infections – solutions to microbiome imbalance and chronic infections
  • Inflammation – triggers and solutions plus the impact of neuroinflammation on autoimmune disease
  • The impact of EMFs plus protective tools and strategies to pass on to your clients
  • Mould and autoimmune disease
  • Heavy metals and autoimmune disease

We will also be covering core Functional Lab tests for autoimmune disease and key supplementation related to lessons and topics above.

Whether you focus directly with autoimmune disease in your practice or not, I can guarantee that you will start to see more and more autoimmune cases (if you haven’t already).

Cases are skyrocketing and it’s almost impossible to avoid them.

Having the right mindset, approach and tools on hand will put you in the best position to help your clients; establishing you as the credible, go-to health professional in your community when it comes to autoimmune disease.

So, if you want to feel more confident, help more people and get crystal clear on your approach, this workshop is definitely for you.

If you want to get consistent results, client referrals and build a rewarding practice full of happy clients (doing what you love!) – this workshop is for you.


Who will be your EXPERIENCED guide at The Autoimmune Masterclass?

Brett Hawes

Brett is a first class honours graduate and long-standing faculty member of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition; one of North America’s premier educational institutes in the natural healing arts. Brett has been interviewed by CTV, Global TV, the Calgary Herald and Toronto Observer; and has also done presentations for the National Women’s’ Show, the Toronto non-GMO Coalition and the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture among others.

While most coaches are focused on client attraction and marketing, most have never spent a day in a clinic and have no idea how to run a practice or conduct effective (perfect) intakes. This full-spectrum training is unlike anything else found in the industry and has been developed by practitioners who have a combined 40 years of first-hand clinical experience. We have also coached hundreds of practitioners in the art and business of clinical practice.

~ Brett and Daniel

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