Grow Your Practice and THRIVE in Any Economy

Practice Builder Mastery is a proven system that will help you build a SUCCESSFUL business by delivering clear messages, attracting your ideal clients, and creating consistency in all your endeavours.


Create and share clear messages that your ideal clients will understand.

Effectively present solutions to their challenges that meet their needs.

Build sustainable momentum and know how to handle any business situation.

Building a successful full-time professional health practice isn't as hard as you may think it is.

When you have the right knowledge, tools, and support to help you through your ups and downs, we’ve proven that it’s very possible to create a practice that is both fun and profitable.

Join Practice Builder Mastery and finally have the business you've always wanted.

What is Practice Builder Mastery?

Work With Ideal Clients - Bring More Joy to Your Work - Create Greater Abundance

Building a successful health practice takes absolute dedication, effective marketing, and consistent effort.

One of the biggest challenges that health professionals face is not how well they know their subject, but rather how they must communicate their product or service in a compelling way that guides a prospect into becoming a paying client.

Practice Builder Mastery will help you to develop a CLEAR and SOLID foundation which you can build your marketing platform upon, in order to attract the right people to your practice, educate prospective clients on how your product or service benefits them, and getting them to give you their hard earned money in return for a solution to their challenges.

These are the 5 key fundamentals that make up Practice Builder Mastery – learn and master them, and your practice will thrive through any economy.


When you have a clear mission for your company, it becomes the solid foundation that decides every action your business takes. Once you master your Mission, all other decisions become clear and simple.


Discover who the real “Hero” is in your business (hint: It’s not you), what their likes and dislikes are, how they prefer to be communicated with, and what attracts or discourages them from making decisions.


Determine which marketing methods you will use to attract your Ideal Client and engage with them, in order to get them to commit and get on your email list, engage with you on a regular basis, and stay on-brand.


This is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. In this module, discover how marketing affects human physiology, how to pass the “survival” test, and get your prospective clients to know, like, and trust you.


This is the module that will help propel your practice to new levels, month over month, year over year. Together we’ll build a healthy plan of action, and determine the proper action steps to take during different phases of your business.

In this LIVE intensive recorded workshop, you'll be guided through each module and then you'll actually be writing out each section of the workbook - this will be like your new BUSINESS PLAN for your health practice!

Who will be your EXPERIENCED guide at Practice Builder Mastery?

Daniel Chiang

Daniel is an entrepreneur, technology and marketing specialist, and retired holistic nutritionist, who built and managed a multi-disciplinary holistic health clinic that served over 15,000 individuals and families and generated in excess of $12 million in revenue through 17-years of business. As a practicing holistic nutritionist, Daniel had helped over 2,000 individual clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

What makes Practice Builder Mastery different than other business training and marketing programs?

Here’s the TRUTH!

Most health practitioners are building their practices blindly with zero strategy, a weak foundation, and they are sharing unclear messages – while their heart is in the right place, the issue is that they just haven’t learned how to do it correctly, efficiently, and they haven’t followed others who have successfully walked down that path before.

And the even more sad truth is that most graduates from holistic health schools will never have a full-time professsional health practice. Why?

But that’s not the end of the problem…

It actually gets worse…

Here’s the REAL PROBLEM you’re facing:

That's why I created Practice Builder Mastery - It's a full business system training that helps you to:

So here’s the thing…

This is a POWERFUL TRAINING PROGRAM where you’ll be working as you watch the videos, building or re-building your business.

“But what does that mean, Daniel?”

It means that we really only want SERIOUS HEALTH PROFESSIONALS who are going to commit themselves to investing their time and effort into their business so that they can reach and support more people, resulting in a more happy and profitable professional health practice.

We are providing every student with access to access this video training for only 90-days, as that will cause you to take your business seriously and take action right away – no procrastinating allowed!

“Daniel, why such a short period of time to watch the videos?”

Because I’ve proven this model numerous times with other professionals and businesses.

Because the positive results I’ve seen in my clients’ businesses have been MIND-BLOWING.

Because I know that this is what it takes to 10x your current business.

Because this is the EXACT METHOD I used to generate over $12 million in revenue in my business.

Because this is the same model that I used to get out of $500,000 of debt in less than 5 years.

See, the model I am going to teach you at Practice Builder Mastery is an ACTION-BASED model that will bring in results as long as you follow the process.

I’ll teach it to you, but YOU are the one who has to do the work.

Do the work and get the results that you want.

Don’t do the work and get the results that you don’t want.

I hope that’s clear.

So, I invite you now to TAKE ACTION and register for Practice Builder Mastery. There is so much to gain, and time is of the essence!

Think about it…

What do you have to GAIN from this investment?

And alternatively…

What do you have to LOSE if you don’t invest in you and your business?

~ Daniel

p.s. Practice Builder Mastery is for any health professional who is new to practice, or already practicing. It doesn’t matter, because wherever you are at now, that will be our baseline.

Here’s what you'll accomplish at Practice Builder Mastery:

Develop a Clear and Vivid Vision For Your Health Practice

Develop a Clear and Vivid Vision For Your Health Practice

Define Your Purpose
Figure out what it is that you actually do, and why you’re doing it.
Meet Your Ideal Client
Know and understand your Ideal Client like you’ve already met them.
Determine Your Marketing Platforms
You don’t have to do them all – figure out which ones work BEST for you!
Master the Magical Marketing Formula
It’s easier than you think – master THIS and your business will thrive no matter what.
Develop a Successful Marketing Action Plan
Create a consistent actionable plan that is effective and easy to follow.
Build Your Website Framework
Whether you currently have a website or not, learn the secret framework that all successful business use.
Answer the TWO Questions that ALL Customers Ask
Learn how to respond to these two SIMPLE questions.
The 3 Stages of Marketing

Grab your prospective client’s attention, and guide them naturally through your materials to help them make the decision to become your client.

Become Recession-Proof
Learn how to run your business efficiently, how to measure key statistics, and what to do in the different phases of your business, so that you can thrive in any economy.

Practice Builder Mastery is for you if you want to...

While most coaches are focused on client attraction and marketing, most have never spent a day in a clinic and have no idea how to run a practice or conduct effective (perfect) intakes. This full-spectrum training is unlike anything else found in the industry and has been developed by practitioners who have a combined 40 years of first-hand clinical experience. We have also coached hundreds of practitioners in the art and business of clinical practice.

~ Brett and Daniel

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